Is your organization in the dark about its NetSuite setup, best practices, and performance issues?

With a StellarGrade Lite Audit, we can quickly assess all the functionalities of your NetSuite platform and where it can be optimized. Even better, our Lite Audit is FREE for new customers from now until June 16th, 2023.

What’s the Bright Idea?

While a standard system audit involves extensive interviews and documentation, our Lite Audit requires zero interviews and is performed by one of our consultants in only a few hours.

Although brief, a Lite Audit offers a sweeping overview of your NetSuite setup, from analyzing permissions to determining if duplicate data and users adversely affect system performance. It also uncovers if your platform provides accurate financial data and calculation of costs — especially for the month-end close when rock-solid reporting is critical.

The Lite Audit report is easy to understand and explains how your NetSuite platform might benefit from different kinds of enhancements.

Illuminating Insights

The StellarGrade Lite Audit asks questions about your NetSuite platform from different perspectives.

System Effectiveness

From Application Performance Manager to Approval Processes, this audit provides an independent and objective assessment of the NetSuite system’s effectiveness and compliance with internal controls and industry regulations. StellarGrade possesses specialized knowledge and expertise in auditing NetSuite systems, and our Lite Audit enables us to identify potential risks, control weaknesses, and areas for improvement more effectively.

Compliance and Data Integrity

Furthermore, the Lite Audit helps identify any activities, errors, or inconsistencies in financial records, transactions, or user activities within the NetSuite system. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting, which is vital for decision-making, investor confidence, and compliance with regulatory requirements — and let’s not forget the ever-lasting month-end process your organization has been trying to shorten!

Overall Improvement

The Lite Audit report can provide valuable recommendations and insights for enhancing the efficiency, security, and overall effectiveness of the NetSuite system. It can help identify opportunities for automation, process improvements, and risk mitigation, enabling companies to maximize the benefits of their NetSuite investment and achieve operational excellence.

As you can see, the Lite Audit takes a lot into consideration and is a tremendous value, particularly for the price you don’t have to pay!

Turn On the Lite

New customers can fill out our contact form and request their free Lite Audit under the
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