Odoo calls itself “the world’s largest ecosystem of fully integrated business apps.” But it cannot handle your business needs the way that NetSuite can. Here’s why.

1. NetSuite Is a Singular, Superior Solution

Odoo claims that its regular annual releases enables it to evolve much faster than competitors. But NetSuite, which provides the latest and greatest version of its software to all customers, updates twice per year — and without any additional cost.

What’s more, NetSuite offers true multi-tenancy in the cloud. Customers gain faster access to new software features, the ability to scale to meet growing needs, and better security.

2. NetSuite Customizations Are Easier

Sure, Odoo promises customization. However, each and every business has different data management needs and workflows, and there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter customization.
In contrast, NetSuite provides basic customizations for businesses that can be easily carried out with minimal coding and IT skills — and without any extra maintenance costs.

3. NetSuite SuiteApps Extend the Platform Value

Odoo has a library of more than 21,000 third-party apps. However, many apps lack Odoo’s certification, which raises the risk of conflicts with future upgrades.

NetSuite SuiteApps extend platform functionality for a specific industry or business need.
They are developed by either Oracle NetSuite or third-party developers who are members of its SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN). All SuiteApps are certified and supported by NetSuite to meet your current specialized requirements and future platform upgrades.

4. NetSuite Is Ready for the World

If your company aspires to having a national or international presence, you need a software solution to efficiently manage business operations. Unfortunately, Odoo’s capabilities are limited for performing on the global stage.

NetSuite ERP enables companies to scale their business, expand into new territories, and seamlessly grow without having to migrate to a new platform. It provides real-time visibility of finances, standardized core processes to ensure smoother operations, and support for local and global compliance standards.

5. NetSuite Is Recognized (Again!) by Gartner Magic Quadrant

Despite dreams of being a leader in the ERP market, Odoo is absent from Gartner reports and is not a proven solution for organizations with annual revenues exceeding 50 million USD.

Unlike Odoo, Oracle NetSuite has been named a Leader in 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises. This marks the fifth consecutive year that NetSuite has received the honor.

Take Your Business to the Top

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