The StellarGrade team provides us with knowledgeable and practical NetSuite insights enabling us to achieve our goals. We love their collaborative and responsive approach in helping us to overcome our challenges. Thanks StellarGrade!
Ian Booler
Vice President Finance
The team at StellarGrade helped us in a difficult situation where we had our major NetSuite resource leave unexpectedly last spring. We asked StellarGrade to take over, and honestly, I have never seen such a seamless transition. StellarGrade managed all our daily IT operations without skipping a beat. Nothing fell through the cracks. What I thought would be a nightmare for our company ended up being so well taken care of, I was able to relax. They delivered exactly what they promised they would. They understood that what we needed was all the hands-on help we had before, with no overages, no hidden costs, and no misunderstandings. The bills we received were exactly what we agreed upon. They even went above and beyond what we had asked them to do, without us even asking. I would recommend StellarGrade to any company wanting worry-free NetSuite help!
Sandra de Montigny
Senior Vice President Finance
How would I describe StellarGrade? Creative, curious, courageous and having genuine desire to help make us better! Pair this with their unmatched talent, unique business model and a world leader in ERP Systems. Magical!
Mark Cator
President & CEO
StellarGrade has hands down been the best NetSuite consulting firm I’ve worked with. Their approach is human, efficient, and reliable. They truly act like a Partner in the sense that they will get you where you want to be headed and will also guide you to avoid traps and pitfalls they’ve encountered in their collective experiences. Each StellarGrade team member complements one another with their expertise and previous experiences. They will never shy away from bringing the right person at the right moment to get that pertinent insight to clear obstacles you may face. Unlike other consulting firms, StellarGrade wants to empower you with a healthy ERP and will not create customizations you cannot maintain yourself. To them, the end of a project is just as important as the start because they want to make sure all Ts are crossed and Is dotted to be able to move on to your next project/challenge to see your business grow in a scalable fashion.
Martin Grezak
Manager, Integration & Systems