NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS


This is a quick overview of NetSuite WMS and what this module has to offer.

NetSuite WMS empowers businesses to optimize their warehousing processes, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive overall growth. Think of it as the best way to organize your warehouse efficiently and with precision.

What Does NetSuite WMS Do?

By leveraging advanced technologies and real-time data, NetSuite WMS enables businesses to gain full visibility into their inventory, improve order fulfillment accuracy, enhance labor efficiency, and maximizing utilization of space within their warehouses. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, NetSuite WMS caters to the unique needs of various industries, including retail, wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and logistics.

NetSuite WMS

Key Features and Benefits


Inventory Visibility and Control

NetSuite WMS offers real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements across multiple warehouses and distribution centers. This enables businesses to maintain accurate stock records, prevent stockouts, and efficiently manage replenishment. By tracking inventory in real time, businesses can make informed decisions about procurement, sales, and order fulfillment, reducing carrying costs and minimizing wastage.


NetSuite WMS Inventory Visibility and Control

Advanced Order Management

This module seamlessly integrates with NetSuite’s Order Management system, enabling end-to-end order fulfillment automation. It streamlines the entire order-to-ship process, including order picking, packing, labeling, and shipping. With NetSuite WMS, businesses can improve order accuracy, reduce fulfillment time, and enhance customer satisfaction through timely and error-free deliveries.

NetSuite WMS Advanced Order Management

Labor and Resource Management

NetSuite WMS optimizes labor utilization and resource allocation within the warehouse. It provides comprehensive workforce management features, such as task assignment, labor tracking, and performance measurement. By efficiently assigning tasks based on worker skills and availability, businesses can minimize idle time, improve productivity, and reduce labor costs.

Space Utilization and Slotting

Efficient space utilization is critical for maximizing warehouse capacity and throughput. NetSuite WMS offers advanced space utilization capabilities, including slotting and bin management. It helps businesses identify the most suitable locations for products based on factors like demand, product characteristics, and picking frequency. By optimizing product placement, businesses can reduce travel time, increase picking efficiency, and make the most of available warehouse space.

WMS Overview


Inventory Management

The Inventory Management page enables users to view and manage inventory across multiple warehouses. It provides real-time visibility into stock levels, locations, and movements. Users can perform tasks such as inventory transfers, adjustments, cycle counts, and putaway.

NetSuite WMS Inventory Management


The Receiving page streamlines the process of receiving goods into the warehouse. It enables users to create receiving tasks, manage purchase orders, and record inbound shipments. Users can perform functions like receiving against purchase orders, inspecting incoming items, and managing return merchandise authorizations (RMAs).

NetSuite WMS Receiving


The Putaway page facilitates the efficient placement of received items within the warehouse. Users can define putaway rules and criteria based on various factors such as item characteristics, demand, and warehouse layout. This page helps optimize space utilization and ensures items are stored in appropriate locations for easy retrieval during order fulfillment.

NetSuite WMS Putaway

Order Management

The Order Management page integrates seamlessly with NetSuite’s Order Management system. It provides a centralized view of all sales orders, enabling users to manage and fulfill customer orders efficiently. Users can perform functions like order picking, packing, labeling, and shipping. This page also includes features for managing backorders, order holds, and returns.

NetSuite WMS Order Management


The Shipping page enables users to streamline the shipping process and generate shipping labels and documentation. It integrates with various shipping carriers and provides real-time shipping rates and tracking information. Users can print shipping labels, schedule pickups, and track outbound shipments within NetSuite WMS.

NetSuite WMS

Bin Management

The Bin Management page enables users to define and manage bins within the warehouse. Bins represent specific locations where items are stored. Users can configure bin rules, define bin capacities, and optimize bin assignments based on product characteristics and demand. This page helps improve picking efficiency and space utilization.

NetSuite WMS

Reports and Analytics

NetSuite WMS provides a range of built-in reports and analytics tools to monitor warehouse performance and gain insights. Users can track KPIs, analyze operational metrics, and identify areas for improvement. This functionality enables data-driven decision-making and continuous process enhancements.

NetSuite WMS


In today’s highly competitive business landscape, an efficient and well-managed warehouse is crucial for success. NetSuite WMS offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits to help businesses optimize their warehouse operations and drive overall growth. By leveraging real-time visibility, advanced automation, labor optimization, and space utilization capabilities, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve order fulfillment accuracy, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. With NetSuite WMS, businesses can transform their warehouses into strategic assets and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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