NetSuite is a powerful business management solution. It’s intuitive, it’s all in the cloud, and — most importantly of all — it’s highly customizable. This flexibility enables NetSuite to be tailored exactly to your needs.

SuiteScripts are powerful tools that facilitate a high degree of customization. They are scripts that can be written to add a feature or alter a NetSuite behavior out of the box. This customization helps NetSuite fit into businesses and can also save them time and money.

In one instance, a StellarGrade customer had a problem importing data from a third-party app to its NetSuite account. The data needed to be downloaded, extracted, and applied to different records based on multiple conditions, validation, and scenarios. This would be a bi-weekly process and take employees hours to complete. After discussing the situation with the customer, we concluded that a SuiteScript would be the best solution. Here’s why:

It Streamlines Operations

SuitesScripts automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. From automating data entry, generating reports, validating orders, and much more, custom scripts enable you to modify NetSuite to your business needs and eliminate manual efforts. This allowed our customer’s employees to focus on more important tasks.

It’s Not Prone to Human Errors

NetSuite script, at its core, is a piece of code and thus less prone to human errors. SuitesScripts minimize productivity losses by fatigue, distractions, or oversight. While scripts can make errors and code is prone to bugs, the consistent nature of an automated script means that it’s easily reproducible and thus easily fixed. In our customer’s case, the complex nature of its data meant that errors were frequent, and emergency data reverts were needed several times. SuiteScripts resolved all that.

It’s Scalable

As your company grows, automation becomes more vital to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Whether automation is used to train new employees on a specific business flow or take care of multiple small details, NetSuite scripts reduce the stress associated with the growing number of tasks — no matter how small or big your company is.

And It’s Versatile

Business needs are constantly evolving. This means that the things that used to work before now need to be updated or changed. A good script is malleable, and what looks like a monumental change for a person can be as simple as updating or adding a couple of lines of code. This ease of change can save your company days, if not weeks, of work.


All told, SuitesScripts are powerful tools that can save a business an enormous amount of time and boost its productivity. Their capability to automate, scale, and change easily enables you to focus on what’s most important while it handles the details.

As for our customer, we implemented a SuiteScript that automatically downloads the data and inserts it into NetSuite every day. This saved around 15 hours of work per week without the need for anyone to lift a finger.

To learn how your company can benefit from using SuiteScripts, contact StellarGrade today!