Introducing NetSuite:
Empowering Service Companies for Success

At StellarGrade, we understand the unique challenges faced by service companies in today’s global economy. That’s why we specialize in implementing NetSuite, the leading integrated cloud-based business suite designed specifically for service companies. With NetSuite, we can help streamline your business processes and provide a comprehensive back-office and front-office foundation, enabling you to accelerate the productivity and profitability of your services organization.



Industry Challenges and NetSuite's Solutions

Many service companies have long relied on disconnected business management systems, which can hinder their operations and growth. Legacy financial applications lack real-time visibility into financial data, while standalone customer relationship management systems make it difficult to share critical customer information. This fragmented approach leads to revenue leakage and suboptimal profitability.


NetSuite’s unified solutions offer a future-proof alternative. With decades of experience working with service companies of all sizes and specialties, NetSuite provides the flexibility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness needed to modernize and innovate. By migrating to NetSuite’s cloud-based platform, you can eliminate the constraints of on-premise solutions, reduce hardware maintenance costs, and benefit from fast implementation.




Built and Delivered With Industry Experience

NetSuite understands the specific pain points faced by service companies. Whether you are a project-based organization or a product-based organization, NetSuite has tailored solutions to address your unique needs.

For project-based organizations, NetSuite simplifies complex accounting processes, enhances visibility into all aspects of the business, improves resource management, and streamlines time, expense, and billing management.

For service organizations, NetSuite offers a unified solution that integrates sales with back-office accounting, financial, and order management processes. It accelerates sales and customer service productivity, tracks advertising performance, and streamlines operations.




StellarGrade's Approach

At StellarGrade, we are experts in implementing NetSuite for service companies. Our team has deep industry knowledge and experience, ensuring that we understand your specific pain points and requirements. We work closely with you to tailor NetSuite’s features and functionalities to your business, providing a seamless and efficient implementation process.




NetSuite Stairway

The NetSuite Stairway approach consists of five steps tailored to transform your business gradually and effectively:

1. Establish: Create a foundational, cloud-based platform that unifies financials, project management, billing, and analytics. This eliminates the need for multiple fragmented systems and provides a single source of truth for your entire organization.

2. Elevate: Expand the platform to encompass resourcing and people management, project profitability, and customer revenue management. This step enables you to maximize the benefits of the unified model across your business.

3. Expand: With the IT infrastructure overhead removed, focus on winning new business and leverage media integration and billing automation capabilities. Streamline your operations and increase efficiency.

4. Accelerate: Optimize your business processes by leveraging advanced features like client development and marketing, resource optimization, and intercompany automation. Make data-driven decisions and improve profitability.

5. Dominate: Reach a point where technology is no longer a hindrance. Let NetSuite take care of the technology and innovation roadmaps, enabling you to lead your industry and drive new business capacity.

Key Benefits

Implementing NetSuite through StellarGrade offers several key benefits for your service company:

1. Improved Efficiency: NetSuite streamlines and automates key aspects of your business, enhancing decision-making visibility and resource optimization, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.

2. Comprehensive Solutions: NetSuite’s integrated applications cover financial management, project and resource management, customer relationship management, and more, providing an end-to-end solution for your organization.

3. Anytime, Anywhere Access: With NetSuite’s cloud-based platform, you can access your business information online and via mobile devices, allowing your team to work flexibly and efficiently, regardless of location.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: NetSuite’s subscription model eliminates the need for expensive hardware maintenance and upgrade costs. The latest software enhancements are applied automatically, and customizations carry over with each upgrade.

5. Customizability: NetSuite’s SuiteCloud allows for easy customization of the platform to meet your unique business needs, ensuring a tailored solution that fits your organization perfectly.


Partnering with StellarGrade to implement NetSuite for your service company will empower you to overcome industry challenges, optimize your operations, and drive success. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a transformative journey with NetSuite.